Solicitation for Presentations

Interdisciplinary Research Forum on Autonomous Vehicle Systems

December 1, 2016 in ATL (building 007 - room 02)

Join your Cal Poly colleagues to explore shared interest in autonomous driving, flight, agriculture, and manufacturing systems. The forum is a mix of short, individual presentations on current and potential research and networking to identify interdisciplinary research themes and collaborators. The goals of the forum are to develop ideas for: 

(1) a larger funded symposium establishing a research agenda on the issue; 

(2) collaborations between colleagues for co-authoring research proposals; and, 

(3) a larger scale research initiative (a collaborative center for autonomous systems).


We invite you to submit a proposal for an individual presentation at the following link:

Deadline: Friday, November 18


Your presentation should focus on your recent projects or potential research in autonomous vehicle systems and meet a strict 10-minute time limit. The idea is to let your colleagues know enough about you and your research interests to catalyze potential interdisciplinary efforts.